“Terri had great energy and executed the curriculum marvelously. I got a lot out of the class and can’t stop thinking about it!”
– Design Workshop Participant

“I liked the idea of working on prototypes of solutions – I feel like we need more of that “problem-solving” mentality in the non-profit sector in general!”
– Strategy Session Team Participant

“They helped us understand the importance of connecting with people’s lived experiences!”
– Strategy Session Team Participant

Sample Clients & Partners

We are a Detroit-based strategic design consultancy.

We use the creative power of human-centered design thinking and strategic business logic to equip organizations and communities with tools to innovate and strategies to deliver more value to the people they serve.

We Partner with leaders of innovation and transformative change to integrate design principles and creative practices into their everyday work. We design creative workshops and strategy sessions around specific challenges or design projects, whether it’s launching a new mission or venture, evolving old ways of thinking and doing, or aligning organizational culture.

We Train teams on human-centered design thinking tools and innovation methods and mindsets for continuous improvement and implementation of sustainable solutions.

We Collaborate with innovation agencies around the world including U.S., Europe, and Africa

A leader of innovation or champion of change. An intrapreneur or entrepreneur in business or community. An economic developer, strategic planner, program manager, trainer, designer or the like.

You SEEK growth, change and collaboration on your next project, mission or venture.

You LOOK for creative new ways of thinking and doing; to be different from status quo

You WANT new models and methods to connect with your key stakeholders.

You DESIRE measurable outcomes to meet your goals and resolve complex challenges.

You WANT recognition as an industry leader of innovation and change.

You need to BLOOM.


Educate on tools, methods, and mindsets of human-centered, design thinking and innovation to build new skills and capabilities. This is best for organizations that desire to train internal ambassadors to carry out the opportunities identified and sustain the culture of innovation. Covering topics such as empathy, design thinking, innovation, journey mapping, collaboration, human-centered design, prototyping, and design research.

Sample Topics

  • Human-centered Design Thinking Fundamentals
  • Community Design Thinking
  • Innovation by Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Empathy Building
  • Design Research
  • Stakeholder Journey Mapping
Half-day to multi-day workshops designed around the specific challenge at hand. This is a collaborative, highly engaging session using creative tools and practices, resulting in actionable, strategies for implementation. This is best for teams who need to align and collaborate towards a common goal.
  • Half-day
  • Full-day
  • Multi-day charrette
  • Design Sprint
  • Informational Sessions
Customized series of sessions in partnership with leaders starting a new or evolving a venture, mission or project. This process results in a co-created strategic plan for implementation and is best for new or evolving projects, start-ups, and growing small businesses.


  • Foundation Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
Advise on innovation projects to identify challenges, opportunities, and develop a strategy as input into design solutions. This is best for design partners or others leading projects that need to determine scope and require a deeper dive at the onset.
Our Values
We are highly focused on the people we serve. Our research methods seek to understand needs at deep levels and build authentic connections to add sustainable value for stakeholders.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

All of us are better than one of us. We seek to create diverse and inclusive experiences that align missions and identify new opportunities together.
Creativity Rules
Design is a strategic tool and pathway to creative thinking, making new connections to produce differentiation and accelerate change for innovation.
Forward Thinking
Old models of thinking and doing no longer work. We approach challenges with a fresh perspective, beyond the status quo and driving forward towards a better future together.

Our Process

Our transformative process, customized for your unique challenges and team, equips you with new practical tools and strategies for sustainable growth. You will get unmatched strategic guidance and highly engaging facilitation to enhance your business venture, advance your community mission and drive your organization towards a better future.
  • Establish fresh thinking and design-led culture

  • More meaningful customer connection

  • Foster collaboration & new ways of working

  • Reduced risk and uncertainty

  • Expedited decision-making

  • Shared vision alignment


Founder & Principal Strategist

Terri Burch is a passionate Design Strategist, Facilitator, and hybrid-thinker, adopting from the creative design and strategic business fields in her approach to addressing complex challenges. She has over 14 years experience as an advisor to community-based organizations, SME’s and multinational corporations. She has formal training in design and business, as a Strategic Design MBA fellow, a certified charrette planning practitioner and works with DesignThinkers Group USA as a Service Designer. She enjoys facilitating team collaborations and guiding participants through design processes she curates to help them through their journey of transformative change and growth. Her superpowers are Empathy and Planning. Terri is a proud native of Detroit, where she lives and enjoys exploring the city, particularly for activities related to dining, art, and culture. She is also a world-traveler, chocolate-lover, and an avid salsa dancer. 

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